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We want your experience with us to be the best that it can be. If you can;t find the answer to your questions in our FAQ list below, click here and tell us what's on your mind. We'll follow up ASAP.


What is a Rootkit?

A rootkit is nowadays a program intended to hide running processes, 
files or services from the operating system. Rootkits have been known 
for over 20 years, but in recent years have been used increasingly by 
malware, helping an attacker to maintain access to a system whilst 
avoiding detection.

What is Radix Rootkit Detector ?

Radix Rootkit Detector is not only able to detect next to all 
publicly available rootkits but also is able to repair the damage 
they cause effectively unhiding them and making them delete-able.
It uses efficient low-level coding and gathers evidence indicating a 
rootkit allowing the user to decide whether they want to 
automatically try to remove the suspected rootkit or to manually fix 
certain effects.

Who is it meant for?

Radix Rootkit Detector is intended for every Computer User to be 
run on a regular basis to make sure rootkits get detected as soon as 
possible. Especially it is useful for people suspecting a rootkit 
infection and it is most important for every technician in the field 
of computer support and repair as well as people investigating into 
rootkit infections and their effects.

Does Radix catch viruses?

No, the Radix Rootkit Detector works evidence based and is 
therefor not able to detect viruses, as this would need a specialized 
scanner and a large signature base.
Radix Rootkit Detector is not meant as a Virus Scanner replacement.

How often is Radix updated?

As new Rootkits appear, the detection and evidence gathering methods 
will be improved.
Radix Rootkit Detector is developed further indepently.

What if I have a problem running Radix?

Please contact our Support and we will be happy to research your 
problem and provide you with a solution.

What if i get an error message about the driver could not be loaded ?

Please unpack the archive into some directory and run it from there.
Do not directly run it out of the Internet Browser. / Archive
Please make sure that you are running this program as a user with admin rights, for the full functionality of Radix.

Does Radix have a free demo?

Yes, you can get a free Version of the Radix Rootkit Detector here.


What is Nemesis?

Nemesis is an Anti-Dialer, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware Solution 
allowing you to effectively detect and delete them.
It offers a simple One-Click Scan for novice and casual users to get 
rid of the infections quickly and to provide extensive tools and 
possibilities for advanced users to control next to every aspect 
Malware can effect on your system.

Who is it meant for?

ProdName Rootkit Detector is intended for every Computer User to be 
run on a regular basis to make sure Malware gets detected as soon as 
possible. Especially it is useful for people experiencing suspicious 
and unknow behavior of their Windows System.

If you cant run certain programs anymore, if you see popups or if you 
are routed to unknown webpages during surfing, this program is for 
your to help you solve your problems.

Does Nemesis catch viruses?

No, but it does in fact catch Dialers, Spyware, Adware, Malware and 
helps you keep your computer clean and working.
It does not only remove files (as most virus scanners do) but also 
all the side-effects caused by Malware like Registry keys, Host-File 
Entries, Services etc.

How often is Nemesis updated?

Nemesis is updated normally at least every 2 days to provide you with 
the latest detections available.
The Program itself is steadily developed and will be adapted to new 
upcoming threats.

What is it all about with that "Reset Firewall" function on the Main 

The "Reset Firewall" functionality can be used in case a spyware 
disabled / modified the Windows Firewall Service and it cannot be 
started anymore. You may notice this because you cannot open the 
Firewall control panel anymore or get a Windows Warning because of it.

What if I have a problem running Nemesis?

Please contact our Support to figure out the cause of your trouble 
and to get an solution.

Does Nemesis have a free demo?

Yes, you can get a free demo Version of Nemesis here:


What is Ushields Package ?

The Ushields Package consists of two Programs:

which protects you from premium rate dialers calling premium rate 
numbers that will make your phone-bill sky-high.
It even allows to collect evidence in case of self-deletion dialers 
so you can prove it was not you but the dialer calling these numbers.

which allows you to protect your System Registry from threats as well 
as your Host-File from Internet High-jackers.
It also allows to log all events so any intrusion attempts can be 
investigated more easily.

Who is it meant for?

It's meant for every computer user as it adds additional protection 
to your system.

Does Ushields catch viruses?

Not, but it is able to prevent the installation and therefor 
infection with certain (even unknown) threats that would otherwise be 
able to slip past your Virus Scanner.

How often is Ushields updated?

The Ushields Package is updated as new threats or attacks show up as 
the shields work on a very generic basis so it is not necessary to 
update them too often.

What if I have a problem running Ushields?

Please contact our Support to figure out the cause of your trouble 
and to get an solution.

What if i get a error message about "Service has to be installed"
For the Dialer and the Systemshield at install time the user has to have admin rights to install the service needed.

Does Ushields have a free demo?

Yes, you can get a demo version of either shield here: