"The best way to protect against spyware is to run an application that identifies and removes it."



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Nemesis Is The ADVANCED Spyware Detection and Repair Tool that protects your computer from dangerous threats that every computer faces!

Here's how it works...


Nemesis Stops Attacks Cold.

Nemesis is a full-protection package that keeps your computer safe from a wide range of threats as well as performing routine and advanced registry scans and repairs. It's designed to be easy to use and easy to understand. The GUI interface handles everything for you. All you have to do is point and click. Even though Nemesis is that easy to use, it comes packed with advanced features that power users will find especially helpful.

Hackers and crackers work full time to invade your computer and steal your personal and sensitive information. On top of that, your computer is vulnerable to virus attacks that can shut you down and keep you down. And to make matters worse, Windows itself is continually degrading your computer's performance by writing and rewriting the system registry files that keep your computer operating.

And there's nothing that you can do about it unless you take the time right now to install Nemesis. It's your best hope against combating these threats.

Here's what Nemesis does...

  • EasyScan offers one-click scanning for all supported threats and errors plus one-click repair when problems are found. Advanced users can run each scan separately if they desire
  • Scans for Spyware
  • Scans for Adware
  • Scans for , Dialer Attacks
  • Scan for Hijacker
  • Offers Quarantine Support for later threat analysis
  • Performs Memory Scanning
  • Performs Registry and Windows Startup Regions Scanning
  • Performs Deep Registry Scanning
  • Offers Registry Backup for later investigation
  • Performs Full Service Scans
  • Performs BHO (Browser Helper Object Scanning)
  • Performs File Association Scan
  • Performs Ini File Scanning
  • Performs IE Settings Scanning
  • Offers IE Settings Protection
  • Offers Hosts File Protection
  • Automatically blocks known bad servers in Hosts file
  • Provides Winsock LSP (Layered Service Provider) Fix (for malware like Webhancer or New.net)
  • Offers a Hosts File Editor
  • Allows Secure File Deletion
  • Auto-Update functionality
  • Provides a way to send detected Spyware threats to a specialist for thorough analysis
  • Offers robust reporting options including: send, mail, save report
  • Offers ability to configure report name for further processing

Download the Nemesis Free Trial now and give your computer the protection it needs.

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Nemesis is multi-lingual!


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